Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Libraryland is quiet today. Whether this has to do with our overcast weather, or Valentine's Day I couldn't tell you. Maybe there is a shortage of assignments and tests this week. Spring is finally beginning to show and though more cold weather is always promised, it's looking and feeling like Spring. Not some temporary thaw, but a real warming trend. I say this as if from my spot in Northern Georgia I have any clue what thaw or cold means. I'm not originally from the South, so I do, but I've been here long enough to appreciate the difference.

Today I will get some real work done. I will rearrange the tutorial page, I'm spending the afternoon messing with a Camtasia tutorial. I spent yesterday watching Camtasia tutorials and now I plan to create my own. It all seems so easy and quick, so I'm expecting to be working on it the next time I blog in as well. However, it'll all be worth it if I can get a few short tutorials worked up and achieve the lofty goals of improving user searching skills. Now, I just have to figure out exactly how I'll go about that.

Monday, February 5, 2007

So now I have a blog

Welcome to Libraryland

So now I have a blog. This is starting as an experiment for a daring new idea I have concoted. OK, well maybe only daring in Libraryland, but daring none the less. I will create a blog not for my own meandering thoughts, but for all of the wandering thoughts in Libraryland. Specifically, the wandering thoughts within the LINC Desk area. A place where they are contained, but rarely caught and passed on to others. In an effort to centralize our thoughts and create one central area for them, I propose a group blog. Private, for only our use, all staff can get to it, digital, so easily accessable. Open at the desk, or add thoughts later as needed. So what do we all think?