Monday, June 9, 2008

Sleepless Nights

I don't know which is worse. That it took me forever to fall asleep even after I read until my eyes refused to follow the words anymore or that even when I fell asleep I was dreaming that I was having trouble falling asleep. At least I think I did, now a lot of that seems fuzzy, but I'm sure that this morning I was dreaming of trying to find a place to lay down and sleep and being constantly interrupted.

Despite all this, I woke up at 5:45 and the puppy was asleep. (she didn't sleep well either, but she didn't bark in the middle of the night when it sounded like a big dog was right out our window barking either, good Zoey!) So, I put in my earplugs(stupid chirping birds!) and laid back down. When I got back out of bed and hour later she was still asleep, or at least not moving around. She awoke when I got up and opened her crate. After much stretching and yawning she tried to jump on Brad, as usual.

Sadly, she is too short to jump on the bed. Ahh well, some day she's actually make it on the bed and Brad will be surprised. For now he's pretty safe rolling over and petting her head. She's much more awake this time in the morning than he is. However, after a quick stop outside to pee and breakfast, she'll usually crawl on the couch with me and go back to sleep.

Lately however, she has decided that we are boring. She now spends much of her time watching out the window from the arm of our light green couch. (pictures to follow I promise!) She barks at the ducks and the kids and the cars and the trash trucks.(she really hates those) She just sits and watches and you can tell when something interesting is outside because she wags her little nub like crazy. Eventually she'll get bored and come back to me, but ever since her last grooming appointment I've been trying to brush her every night when she falls asleep on my lap. If she's not really asleep she grunts at me and rearranges herself, until she decides that I'm not going to stop then she'll crawl to the safety of Brad's lap or the ottoman.