Friday, April 24, 2009

Masters - Tuesday practice round

Better late than never, my first Master's experience. Tuesday's practice round. The National is a beautiful course. Rolling greens, trees and flowers everywhere. You'd never imagine that there would be so much once you got inside. It seems a lot bigger from the inside. And once you're inside you're in a totally different golfing world. It's some kind of fairy land for golfers set off from the rest of the world. Once you're in there it's like nothing else exists.

So as you may infer from the photos, it was cold. Very cold, especially for Georgia in the Spring. Especially since Tuesday it was in the 40's - 50's and Wednesday it was in the 80's. Ha and all you Kansas people thought that only happened out there huh? We camped out at the 16th hole. Our view is the center picture. Here you frequently see turtles sunning themselves, as in the left photo. Also, on practice round days, the golfers will hit one real shot and then come down to the pond and try to skip their shots across. Lots of them skip tot he shore and then sink, some make it to the green, and one, by Vijay Signh actually made a Hole-In-One. Pretty good!

Sister Hike III

OK, so I've actually had things happening in my life and have just neglected to blog about them. Bad me! but it has been busy around here? Yeah that's it.

Well Felicia and I headed out on our third sister hike this past weekend. Felicia decided we should take these to replace our monthly sister lunches. It was healthier she said. OK by me. This month was her choice and we headed up to South Carolina and Lick Fork Park. While Felicia had a number of locations picked out we chose this one because a) here GPS could find it and we had no SC map in the car, and b) we could find it, eventually.

We chose to take the Horn Creek Trail which was a roughly 6 mile loop. Mostly moderate hiking. We saw only one snake, which I had to swear up and down was a garden snake, so Felicia would relax, a few geckos that promptly ran up the nearest tree and a pair of cardinals. Otherwise it was very quiet. No people on this hike, which is nice because you never know what we may be discussing:-)

Next hike Parson's Mountain when the parents come to visit.