Friday, August 14, 2009

Our last adventures on the trip

Better late than never right? Well, Brad wanted to try horseback riding, so I called up to Cottonwood Cove and made us reservations. He got this nice slow horse named Cinnamon. He had to kick her to make her trot every once in a while because she fell behind. I can't remember my horse's name, but he was not slow. I had to hold him back pretty much the whole trip, because if given a choice he would like to rest his head on the butt of the horse in front of him. We had a good trip and Brad liked it except for the trotting part. I told him that wasn't really fun. Also, he complained about being sore for a few days afterwards. Pfft, boys and their weak ass thighs, I had no problems. So here's a picture of us on the hilltop we rode up and around and back down. It was a really pretty ride and it was nice to be back in the saddle after(how many years has it been since summer camp?)

The Friday before we left: July 31st, 2009, was Mom and Dad's 38th Anniversary. Brad and I got them train tickets on the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad. We took a train from Alamosa up La Veta Pass to Fir, Colorado. There we disembarked to watch a concert which included many people and ended with Michael Martin Murphy. It started to pour shortly after he finished and we hid in the cabin until the train came back 1/2 an hour later. Then we re-boarded, tried to wrestle our seats back from some old people(unsuccessful) and road back to Alamosa. So here's the happy couple on their day enjoying the music at Fir.

And just for the heck of it here's a picture of me fishing. Dad and I went out on Wednesday. I caught nothing of legal size, but he did pretty well. Luckily he'd been out on Tuesday already and we'd had fish for breakfast that morning.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Monday in Creede

Today we went hiking on Deep Creek. Brad allowed me to drag him a whole 5 miles before he declared that his heart might explode. Poor Pup all unuse to the altitude. He did pretty well, but he's never been at this altitude and he's never been at a very high altitude at all for more than a weekend. So, almost 9,000 feet was a little rough on him. He motored along quite well with only a few breaks and then we turned around and headed back down the trail after a little over an hour. So here's a picture of Brad and I,and one of the view.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New jewelry

So, I am not trying to show off my cleavage, but I am actually trying to show off my new necklaces. My friend Amanda made these. They are fun and kitchy and, as you can see, you can wear them on a variety of chains. Luck for me, I have lots of random silver chains sitting around just waiting fro someone to make pendants to go on them! Thanks Amanda!

In less fun news, the puppy has been thoroughly traumatized. First it was the early fireworks on the 3rd of July. (Zoey really hates loud noises and fireworks and lawn mowers are high on her bad list.) Then the actual fireworks on the 4th of July. Luckily here she'd played with 3 year old Ian in the backyard for a couple of hours and fell asleep a bit early. Then on the 5th we had a big thunderstorm. Even after the rain and thunder stopped I couldn't get her to go out. Well, by Monday morning she seemed all better, but ever since the night of the 3rd, she's taken to sleeping under the bed and she's still sleeping under the bed. She comes out during the night to sleep in her bed, but we're not sure when. Poor puppy!

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Beautiful Yard!

A great weekend. Brad and I took Zoey for a walk along the 5K cross-country trail at Blanchard something something Park. She drug us the whole way. Brad worked outside on the weeds around the creek and I decided to take pictures of all my flowers. So I have placed my lilies, my rogue azalea that's been blooming for a month, my hydrangea, and a shot of the elephant ears that are threatening to take over the creek. Zoey's pretty sure they're a puppy forest.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Soccer is Dangerous

Brad has been refereeing soccer now for about 1 1/2 years. He started with just club teams and mostly children, but now he refs adults, kids and lots of high school games. He even reffed at 4 high school playoff games this year. A few more and I told him he could quit his job and ref full-time. Well maybe not. He's been hording all the money in a special fund to use as our vacation cash. So no Roomba for me,(everyone else here just got one) but I do get to to enjoy my vacation knowing it will not be on my credit card when I get home, Yeah :-)

So the proof that soccer is dangerous is the picture of Bradley to the right here. I took this a few days later, but if you can image the dots there by his eyes as bloody cuts it helps. Also his black eye healed up nicely. A 14 year old kicked a soccer ball at him. Apparently not on purpose. He bent his glasses all out of shape, and bled everywhere. He looked like a mugging victim when he got home. (I might mug someone in that ref outfit too) Anyway, he's been telling everyone we see that "slipped in the shower" while pointing at me. Like I'd ever try and break his glasses, you know how much those cost to replace without insurance?