Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Return of the Hamster and other Tales

Yes, we can step down from the Oatmeal Alert. Hammy has returned home and the feared abduction turned out to be an escapade behind the kitchen cabinets. See the above photo of possible suspect with accomplice at a chain restaurant in Arhus, Denmark and the following news item:

Martinez, GA - Escape hamster Hamdini "Hammy" Blake was recaptured last night at 10:25pm. Reports put Hammy at the original scene of his escape, his cage. Captors cleverly placed the cage near his hideout in hopes that hunger and thirst would drive him back. "I told Zoey it was a good plan" Mrs. Blake was quoted as saying. Zoey was said to bark in agreement.

So all is well. Hammy is safely restrained and immediately tried to re-escape upon realizing his mistake in going back to the scene of the crime. Alas, my clever hamster trap failed, but my clever putting his cage by where he was hiding did not. I knew he couldn't resist coming back for his nut stash.

In other news, Bradley is back! Yes, my husband arrived in one piece from Copenhagen, via the Atlanta airport. I picked him up just after 7pm on Sunday night. He'd been up since like 2am our time at that point. He did manage to eat dinner and shower. He attempted to fall asleep in from of the TV, but I made him go to bed. It was 8:30. He woke up around 4:30am then, and spent the morning with the puppy. In hopes of pulling his schedule back to normal I forced him to stay awake until 9:30.(I know I'm so mean!)

He must have been awake when the puppy woke up at 6:50 this morning because he got right out of bed and took her downstairs. He returned ten minutes later with coffee for me:-) I could get used to this. Normally, I take the puppy down because he is so dead to the world, he doesn't even notice her trying to jump on him. And then I make my own coffee. I could get used to this, maybe I should let him go to bed at 9pm. Hummm.

On the side, for your entertainment are pictures from Denmark. A picture of the canal and the National Library.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Well of course when Brad is out of town the puppy will play. But last night I came home and let the puppy out and then noticed something was weird with the hamster cage. In fact it appeared that the wheel was no longer attached. AHHHHHH!!!! Hammy the escape artist has done it again! Hammy is our affectionate name, but he was early on named Hamdini after his favorite role model. Seen here on the right.

So, I began the search. It's important to know, when searching for hamsters, their weaknesses and also all small holes in your house. I figured Hammy probably escaped sometime Wednesday night, but in my usual morning daze had not even noticed him missing. So first thing, check under all couches, tv consoles, tables, puppy beds, etc. This though search of the downstairs, led to nothing. Occasionally they'll hide under furniture, but for the most part they like darker smaller hiding spots.

This of course leaves under the stove and dishwasher int he kitchen. Like most cabinets ours were placed with some space between the wall and actual cabinet also with a few inches underneath to lift them a bit off the floor. All accessable from under the stove or dishwasher. I do believe the hamsters have a nest already prepared. Based on last night's observations, they must have stocked it with provisions too. The usual method is to wait until dark and then shake the food bowl near their hideout. It works for all kinds of animals.

This had no effect on Hammy at all. I didn't hear a peep. OK fine. I left a bit of food on the floor, just in case he came out. I also transferred his cage to the floor in case he decided to return to his home. Wishful thinking on my part. This morning there was no food on the floor, and no Hammy in his cage still. Well at least I know he's around. I set up a hamster trap for him. A little hook and bait thing hopefully he'll fall for sometime today. I'll post a picture if it's successful. Zoey is also posted to keep an eye out. In the picture you can see them bonding. It was hard to get a picture where they weren't moving, but right after this Hammy places his little paws around her nose. So cute. She didn't even try to lick him.