Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Floor Part 2

This is our floor as of Friday morning. The guys came to start on Wednesday morning around 10am. After 2 hours of attempting to pull op the wood, they announced they were off to lunch. Also that they couldn't pull up the wood without pulling up pieces of the concrete floor as well. So they were going to get a new blade for their skill saw, chop up the floor and then water it. he idea was that this would loosen the glue and they could pull up the boards the next day. Thus the wood sticking tot he floor in places and many small pieces of wood everywhere. Anyway after lunch they spent another hour sawing and watering before leaving at 2.

Friday they did manage to pull up the floor int he living room and dining room. Then they put down an epoxy to fill in and holes they'd made in the slab and help the glue stick better or something. Then they had to let it dry, so off they went. 8am - 2pm. Saturday back at 8am and the whole living room laid. We had high hopes they could just finish it out, but one of the guys son had a baseball game so they finished up around 3pm. Right now we can't walk on the floor and they haven't put down the quarter round and it's apparently all held together with painters tape anyway. Ahhh Well, soon all will be done.

House projects are so much fun:-)

To follow the progress go to my photos:

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Wood Floor Saga, Part 1

Our Beautiful New Wood Flooring is RUINED! Yes, life is sad all over but not quite so sad as seeing your 1 year old flooring buckling. So, the long and short of the story is this: our A/C has not been checked since, well who knows, we've never had it checked anyway. I didn't even know you had too have the A/C checked regularly. Geez people, someone needs to tell us these things, I've never had my own house, I've always lived in apartments. See this is the practical life lessons stuff they should teach you in home ec. Not that I took home ec, but I digress.

Well, the point is we figured out the A/C was leaking all under our floors because I noticed they were getting all puckered looking. I was all for blaming this on Bushie, Felicia and Nik's Black Lab. He came and stayed with me the weekend before and spent the entire time ignoring the puppy and panting all over our floor. and shedding too, but I doubt that damaged the flooring anyway. So we figure out the A/C is leaking and turn it off and Brad bravely volunteers to stay home until it's fixed(really this is both brave and just lack of trust in me to get it fixed in a timely manner, Brad looooves him some A/C)

The nice A/C people come and clean out system and find out our condensation coil is clogged. How this happens is a mystery to me, but I thought it might be best not to know. Anyway, all better. The nice flooring people came to give us an estimate, the nice insurance man said "Yes, of course we will pay to replace your floor even though it's your own stupid fault for not knowing how to take care of your house and it's not like we're giving those poor suckers in Ike's path any help or anything." OK, maybe not the last part, but mostly accuarte.

The flooring people take a couple of days, but finally get us an estimate for the damaged parts, then call a few days later and say ohhh, that floor is discontinued, let me see if I can find some extra boxes packed back in some warehouse. A few days later: "Yeah, um, no, no one has any, you'll have to replace the whole thing with something else. " The nice insurance mand says yes we will still cover it, just make sure it says the old flooring is discontinued. No Problem!

So we're getting a whole new floor downstairs! We only have to move everything! Yeah! OK, no that part sucks. To anyone who thought this was actually going to be a short story, You don't know me very well do you? WTF are you doing reading my blog?