Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Soccer is Dangerous

Brad has been refereeing soccer now for about 1 1/2 years. He started with just club teams and mostly children, but now he refs adults, kids and lots of high school games. He even reffed at 4 high school playoff games this year. A few more and I told him he could quit his job and ref full-time. Well maybe not. He's been hording all the money in a special fund to use as our vacation cash. So no Roomba for me,(everyone else here just got one) but I do get to to enjoy my vacation knowing it will not be on my credit card when I get home, Yeah :-)

So the proof that soccer is dangerous is the picture of Bradley to the right here. I took this a few days later, but if you can image the dots there by his eyes as bloody cuts it helps. Also his black eye healed up nicely. A 14 year old kicked a soccer ball at him. Apparently not on purpose. He bent his glasses all out of shape, and bled everywhere. He looked like a mugging victim when he got home. (I might mug someone in that ref outfit too) Anyway, he's been telling everyone we see that "slipped in the shower" while pointing at me. Like I'd ever try and break his glasses, you know how much those cost to replace without insurance?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Family Hike I

Mom and Dad are in town this week visiting. So for Felicia's birthday we decided to take a hike to Parson's Mountain. The hike was lovely. About an hours drive into South Carolina. We hiked about 4-5 miles around Parson's lake and then up to the mountain top, elevation 832ft. Mom was worried about hiking up a mountain, but we noted that in Kansas that elevation was know as a low spot. The hike was a little warm and muggy, and a lot ticky. We found more ticks in this one hike then on the previous three Felicia and I have taken. We voted unanimously to postpone any further sister hikes until the Fall. We will be looking into sister kayaking, but I wouldn't expect any pictures from that one. Below is Felicia as our Trail Stewardess, showing us the way, then Danger Position, which is a whole other blog entry. See more pictures here: http://picasaweb.google.com/lindsayblake10607/SisterHike#

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Seen outside the hospital by the old smoking hut. Everywhere there are white azaleas blooming away. But here there is one pink bloom in the middle of a white bush. I've never seen this. Right next to it is a mostly white flower with one splash of pink. They were so pretty and unexpected, I had to take a picture.