Monday, June 1, 2009

My Beautiful Yard!

A great weekend. Brad and I took Zoey for a walk along the 5K cross-country trail at Blanchard something something Park. She drug us the whole way. Brad worked outside on the weeds around the creek and I decided to take pictures of all my flowers. So I have placed my lilies, my rogue azalea that's been blooming for a month, my hydrangea, and a shot of the elephant ears that are threatening to take over the creek. Zoey's pretty sure they're a puppy forest.


Jenny said...

Oooohhh, Ahhhh, I bet your yard looks lovely! I am jealous. Since living here I have come to appreciate a yard. I think I could be happy with just a 10 foot wide strip of grass around my house now that I don't have one.

Leah said...

Ha, no grass in Florida for you! Only sand. Which is exactly why I will never live there. Never, ever, unless someone pays me lots of money so I can get a house, where I can put down dirt and sod. Well, maybe not then either.