Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New jewelry

So, I am not trying to show off my cleavage, but I am actually trying to show off my new necklaces. My friend Amanda made these. They are fun and kitchy and, as you can see, you can wear them on a variety of chains. Luck for me, I have lots of random silver chains sitting around just waiting fro someone to make pendants to go on them! Thanks Amanda!

In less fun news, the puppy has been thoroughly traumatized. First it was the early fireworks on the 3rd of July. (Zoey really hates loud noises and fireworks and lawn mowers are high on her bad list.) Then the actual fireworks on the 4th of July. Luckily here she'd played with 3 year old Ian in the backyard for a couple of hours and fell asleep a bit early. Then on the 5th we had a big thunderstorm. Even after the rain and thunder stopped I couldn't get her to go out. Well, by Monday morning she seemed all better, but ever since the night of the 3rd, she's taken to sleeping under the bed and she's still sleeping under the bed. She comes out during the night to sleep in her bed, but we're not sure when. Poor puppy!


Amanda Rose said...

Score!!! The pendants are wearable and blog-worthy!! Happy belated birthday to you!!! I need to get pictures up... Thanks, Bug :).

Jenny said...

That is right! Happy Bday late too. Do I miss it every year? I am sure your puppy will eventually go back to normal poor Zoe... I wish I could hide under my bed some days too.